Bios Diagnostic Division

Bios Diagnostic Division

Dedicated to the commercialization of biomedical equipment, reagents, consumables, and software for diagnosis in the areas of human and animal health.

Histocompatibility Analysis: Reagents and equipment for compatibility diagnostic in organ trasplants between donor and recipient.


Blood Bank: Reagents and equipment based on Elisa and Chemiluminescence

Techniques for screening in Blood Banks. Management Software.


Blood Bags Centrifuges: High-speed/capacity centrifuges.


Clotting: Diagnostic systems that include equipment, consumables, and reagents for Hemostasis analysis, and management software for patients undergoing anticoagulant treatment.


Critical Care: Reagents and equipment for critical care units, integration, and central monitoring software.


Cancer Diagnosis: Reagents and automated equipment for standardized cancer diagnostic and selection of targeted therapies. IHQ, FISH, CISH.


Diagnostic using Chemiluminescence: Reagents and equipment based on chemiluminescence technology for hormones, TORCH, and infectious disease detection in laboratory.


Diabetes Diagnostic: Reagents and equipment for diabetes diagnosis and follow-up (Hba1C) and SMBG (Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose).


Helicobacter pylori Diagnostic: Urea Test for diagnostic of biopsy obtained by endoscopy.


Molecular Diagnostic: Molecular diagnostic in the areas of hematology, oncology, and infectious diseases. Detection of mutations in leukemia, breast, colon, lung, thyroid, and other cancers.


Pregnancy Diagnostic: Quick tests for pregnancy diagnostic, in serum and urine, using manual and automated techniques.


Autoimmune Diseases: Equipment, software, and reagents for study and diagnostic of autoinmune diseases. Instrumentation with automated chemiluminescence technology, with Random Access system.


General Equipment for Laboratory: Centrifuges, freezers, fridges, Etc. Equipment for blood banks and laboratories: Platelet shakers, incubators, fridges, freezers, temperature recorders, cell counters, Etc.


Infectious Agent Genotyping: Molecular techniques, HPV genotyping, detection of viruses and respiratory bacteria, enteropathogenes, herpes, herpes families, pathogens causing sepsis, sexually transmitted diseases, and detection of KRAS, NRAS, PI3K, and EGFR gene mutations.


Hematology: Reagents and equipment for hematologic examinations.


Incubators: with platelet shakers.


Immunodeficiency: Equipment and reagents for the diagnostic of primary immunodeficiency, monoclonal gammopathies, primary amyloidosis, and response to vaccines.


Microscopes: Solutions for microscopy, capture, and advanced image creation. Equipment portfolio for teaching, education, cytology and pathology, cell culture, fluorescence and stereomicroscopy, software, among others.


Clinical Chemistry and hormones: Wide range of reagents for Clinical Chemistry and immunoturbidimetric assays.


Temperature Recorder System: Instrumentation capable of keeping a complete record of temperature in equipment and controlled environments.


Transfusion Therapy: Blood bags, apheresis kits; and blood cells and platelets filters.


Uroanalisis: Reagents and equipment for urine sediment analysis.




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