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GrupoBios, leading company in generating and commercializing products and services of high-added value for diagnostic, sciences, the industry, and education, offers its line of diagnostic reagents manufactured in Chile. GrupoBios has a complete network of qualified, specialized distributors in diagnostic and biomedical research, in more than 18 countries, including Chile, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, México, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Costa Rica, Spain and Poland

Bios Production Division

Human Health Products

BioPlat Kit

The platelet concentrate obtained with BIOPLAT KIT can be used for studies in cultures or with research purposes, as it provides a standardized concentration of platelets in optimum state, which permits localized secretion of the bioactive factors.


BioPlat Kit - Product Flexibility and Volume


In order to satisfy different needs, BioPlat Kit offers two different final product options: Platelet-Rich plasma (PRP) or platelet concentrate. In addition, to obtain a platelet concentrate, BioPlat Kit offers two volume options.


BioStemCell Kit

BioStemCell Kit is a system designed to be used professionally, aimed to separate and concentrate bone marrow monoclonal cell through a secure, efficient process, ensuring cells integrity and properties remain intact


This system includes consumables in sterile conditions and a standardized, validated protocol for the preparation of monoclonal cell concentrate; and also, the access to a centrifuge, which will be provided each time a procedure is carried out.


Reagents for Diagnostic of Infectious Diseases

He-Py Test Gold

He-Py Test Gold

Epidemiological studies have proven a close relation among the presence of Helicobacter pylory in the stomach and Type-B chronic gastritis, gastroduodenal ulcers, and the risk of getting some types of gastric adenocarcinoma.


He-Py Test Gold

He-Py Test Gold is a quick, qualitative assay for Helicobacter pylori diagnostic in gastric mucosa biopsies, based on the detection of urease enzyme activity.


It consists of a polystyrene plate with a well including two cellulose disks. One of them contains urea, in which the sample is introduced. In case of presence, the Helicobacter pylory metabolizes the urea present in the medium, generating ammonium, which produces an increase in the pH, effect that is reflected in a color change of the indicator ring - from yellow to an intense magenta.

Test ELISA Chagas III

The Elisa Chagas III Test is a solid-phase immunoenzymatic assay for the detection of serum antibodies against Trypanosoma cruzi, causing agent of the Chagas disease.

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Blood typing kits using gel technology

Blood typing cards using gel technology manufactured by GrupoBios allow the classification of ABO/RH antigens of donors and patients; to conduct patient/donor compatibility tests, and the indentification of other erythrocyte antigens. In addition, ABO/RH tests includes the inverse group assay for results confirmation.


The cards allow the analysis of a large number of samples with total traceability when automated systems are employed. The cards are kept at room temperature and simplify carrying out direct and indirect testing for blood compatibility analysis.



Assays are based on direct agglutination of red blood cells, through specific antibodies (Y. Lapierre, 1990). This process is evidenced in the gel micro-columns, which also serves as screen.



Direct test to evaluate an individual's ABO and RHD phenotype. Contains ANTI-A, ANTI-B, ANTI-D (IGM/IGG) monoclonal antibodies. Includes 2 tests per card.

ABO/RhD and Donor/ Patient Reverse Group Cards

Allow the determination of A, B, and D antigens in red blood cells, and include microcolumns with neutral gel for control assay and the determination of reverse group.

Abo/Rh/Coombs for Newlyborn

Allows the determination of A and B antigens in erythrocytes. In addition, it includes a microcolumn for the detection of D (DVI- y DDI+) antigen and the DAT test.

Anti-IgG-C3D, Coombs Card

Direct and Indirect Coombs Test (AHG). Formulated with monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, for conducting compatibilty pre-transfusion test. Besides, it allows the detection of irregular antibodies through the direct antiglobulin test (DAT).

Crossmatch Test Card

Confirms transfusion compatibility of AB/ RhD antigens and irregular antibodies between donor and patient.

Reagents for Blood Screening

Anti-A, Anti-B, and Anti-A, B Monoclonal Reagents

Anti-Human Globuline Serum or Coombs Serum

Anti-D Monoclonal Reagent (Anti-RHO)

Reagents for ABO blood group tipification are prepared from murine monoclonal antibodies developed in in vitro culture. For tube, film, and microplate technique.

Anti-Human Globuline serum is a mixture of Anti-IgG policlonal serum and Anti-C3d monoclonal antibody. It is used for the detection of irregular antibodies in the red blood cells surface.

Anti-D reagent is a mixture of class IgM + IgG monoclonal antibodies for techniques in microplate, film, and tube.

LISS Medium,

Albumin 22%

All reagents are formulated in compliance with international regulations and are supplied standardized, ready to use.

Early Detection Pregnancy Tests



Immunodiffusion test in cassette for early pregnancy detection in urine samples, designed to be performed at home. Sensivity: 0.010 UI/ml Urine.

Detector is a qualitative, quick, one-stage immunodiffusion test using a combination of monoclonal antibodies to detect hCG in urine with a high degree of sensitivity.

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