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• 1986: BiosChile Ingeniería Genética S.A. is founded.


• 1991: BiosChile establishes Austral Biologicals, a subsidiary located in San Ramon, California, to market biomedical research products.


• 1992: The Company is awarded the V Centenario Prize in the small business category, by the Iberoamerican Program in Science and Technology. This prize is awarded to the most innovative companies.


• 1994: BiosChile releases its ELISA Test for the detection of antibodies against Chagas disease, which is marketed since then throughout Latin America. This is in addition to the development of reagents for blood typing and several diagnostic tests for infectious diseases, such as He-Py TestTM, for the detection of Helicobacter pylori in gastric biopsy samples, and RotaclonTM, a fast test for the


• 1997: The firts product for the detection of pathogens in salmons is released. Since then, BiosChile develops a complete line for the detection of a number of bacteria and viruses affecting salmon, which represents an important tool for this industry.


•2000: BiosChile signs an agreement with Abbott Diagnostics for the distribution of the ELISA Test for the detection of antibodies against Chagas disease.


• 2001: BiosChile signs an agreement with the Spanish holding CH- Werfen, resulting in the establishment in Chile of BiosWerfen S. A., which will be in charge of distributing the Diagnostic Products manufactured by both companies.


• 2002: Dr. Pablo Valenzuela, Chairman of the Board of GrupoBios, gets the National Award for Technological and Applied Sciences for his remarkable contribution to the field.


• 2003: BiosChile Ingenieria Genetica is certified under the ISO 9001: 2000 Standard.


• 2004: Dr. Luis Burzio, Scientific Director of GrupoBios, is awarded the prestigious 2004 Pasteur AMSUD Biotechnological Award for his research project "A Novel Family of Non-Coding


• 2005: BiosWerfen is certified under the ISO 9001:2000 Standard.


• 2005: BiosChile and BiosWerfen are relocated to a new corporate building. The new headquarter is located in Santiago, Chile, and comprises an area of 20,000 square meters, with 6,000 square meters of laboratories, warehouse, manufacturing facilities, and administrative offices.


• 2006: BiosChile obtains the CE marking for its ELISA Chagas III Test.


• 2007: BiosChile desarrolla una vacuna recombinante contra Piscirickettsia salmonis.


• 2007: BiosChile develops a recombinant vaccine against Piscirickettsia salmonis.


• 2008: BiosChile and BiosWerfen merge into GrupoBios S.A.


• 2009: GrupoBios is certified under the ISO 13485:2003 Standard.


• 2010: Andes Biotechnologies, a spinoff of our Cancer Research Area, is established.


• 2010: GrupoBios signs an agreement with the Polish company Lencomm Trade International for the distribution in Europe of He-Py TestMR Gold, the new version of the He-Py TestMR Diagnostic Test, under the name of GOLD HPDry.

• 2010: GrupoBios signs and agreement with Diasorin S.p.A for the non-exclusive distribution of its ELISA Test for the detection of antibodies against Chaga Disease.


• 2012: Grupobios, partnering with Bioteccel, establishes BiosCell, the first Expanded Stem Cell Bank in Chile..


• 2016: GrupoBios sells its share on BiosCell and focuses on developing new business lines.



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